Our Story

The Blacklocks have always been pioneers. When Robert Blacklock founded our company in 1832 as ‘Blacklock’s Fancy Goods’, we were one of the first luxury goods shops in the Northeast of England, a traditionally working-class area enjoying newfound wealth on the back of a shipbuilding boom.

A hundred years later, Robert Hodgson Blacklock encouraged his customers to wear a fob watch on their wrist, thus helping to invent the wristwatch. In the mid-20th century, Ralph Blacklock pioneered tension mounting of stones in rings, allowing more light into the gem to enhance its brilliance.

And when the digital age arrived, the Blacklock family embraced it fully, taking the opportunity to exit retail and focus on what we love most: design, gemstones, and working with clients to produce jewellery that’s as unique as they are.

Current Senior Partner, Chris Blacklock

Chris is the sixth generation to take the helm, and he has a clear vision for the future: To present Blacklock as the forward-looking business it is, with sound principles and ethical practices underpinning everything we do. These are the values that will ensure we continue to trade for another 200 years. In our heart, we don’t own this brand – our customers do. With this humility, we will always adapt to their desires, while maintaining our reputation for revealing the rarest jewels and the best British craftsmanship, which makes Blacklock jewellery truly exceptional.

Blacklock Bespoke Creations

To explore and define every detail of a piece of fine jewellery is a once in a lifetime experience.
Go on that journey with Blacklock.