Inspired by nature, provoked by ideals and challenged to achieve excellence – we explore concepts and bring them to life through the application of exceptional design, the finest goldsmithing, diamond and precious gemstone setting and finishing.

Brilliance 40

Magic happens at 40 degrees. A bevelled edge to the shank and a secret diamond cut under bezel make this an expertly crafted collection. Designed to reflect light and shine bright.

Brilliance 40 collection


Futuristic elegance has arrived. Kite shaped stones sit beautifully between diamond encrusted bands. Daring design at its finest.


Inspired by the Suffragettes and the Give Women Votes movement, a central green emerald is surrounded by diamonds, and finished with violet sapphires. GVW, forever.


Inspired by Bletchley Park, daring halos of diamonds align to reveal a complex beauty. Wear the Cipher. Be the enigma.


Intricate elegance. Echoing the practice of the masters of Origami, folded triangles of diamonds sit together in perfect precision.

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Sustainably Sourced Diamonds & Gemstones

A timeless diamond or bright and bold precious gemstone take thousands of years to form. We feel it is our duty to try to protect the earth and the beautiful gifts it gives us. All of our diamonds and gemstones are sustainably sourced.

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