Choosing the right size for your ring is important for comfort. Rings are crafted in sizes indicated by letters A (smallest) to Z (+), of which the commonest are shown in our table here.

To size

There are several ways to determine the correct size for your ring. If it is intended as a surprise for your partner, borrow a ring from her jewellery drawer and then take it to a reputable high street jeweller and ask them to gauge the size — or you can send it to us to measure.

To size your ring at home, we can send a Blacklock Jewellery ring sizer to you. Simply contact us, click on the service tab, fill out the form requesting a Blacklock ring sizer and we will send one out accordingly.

Ring Sizing Tips

  • Measure your finger ensuring a comfortable fit
  • Avoid measuring your size in the morning, or when your hands are cold; this will give you too small a size
  • The best time to measure your finger is in the warmth, later in the day. This will give you a snug fit that’s just right
  • If your measurement is in-between two sizes, always go larger
  • Make sure the gauge can be removed from the finger without expanding
G ½45.5
H ½46.5
I ½48
J ½49.5
K ½50.5
L ½51.5
M ½53
N ½54.5
O ½55.5
P ½56.5
Q ½58


Our necklaces are classically 16 or 18 inches long. This is the most popular length. This length allows the pendant itself fall below the neck.

These lengths can be increased upon request with additional inches added on a jump ring to allow for something more versatile – you then have the option of wearing it longer or shorter dependant on occasion.

Simply request at point of sale.


Our bracelets measure 17cm (6.5 inches). We are able to lengthen or shorten most bracelets without issue – this process is dependent on the links and general construction of the bracelet. Simply request via email or telephone at point of sale.

Our Returns policy will allow for the item to be exchanged for an alternative of a different size if required.