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Aurora Magical & Mystical

Magical and mystical fancy yellow and white diamonds sit together in great splendour. This collection takes its cues from the beautiful coloured lights in the night sky – random, natural yet stunningly beautiful and pleasing


Capstan Radiating Romanticism

Inspired by romantic seafaring stories of the 19th century when the world opened up through adventure and travel. This collection features a nautical Capstan with stunning cabochon cut moonstone as the centrepiece. A collection which is part of the Blacklock heritage.


Empire Rich & Elegant

An elegant and breath-taking collection which takes inspiration from the beautiful richness of a peacock feather. The craft of the setting alludes to an invisibly set deep blue pear shaped sapphire or scintillating diamond


Lucky Numbers Whimsical & Elegant

The Lucky Numbers collection is whimsical and fun – the essence of good fortune is captured through the beautiful simplicity of each of the elegant numbers with clover leaf diamond detail. An iconic Blacklock collection


Tango Hypnotising & Bold

A hypnotising and bold collection inspired by an Art Deco motif. The combination of multiple cuts of gemstone requires excellence and expertise in design, ensuring shape and form sit together seamlessly. A highlight of great Blacklock design and craftsmanship


Virtues and Vices Light & Dark

The journey of life with the lightness of virtues and the darkness of vices is captured by this collection. The simplicity of the lozenge form gives way to the precision setting of the diamonds. A signature Blacklock collection