We are on a Journey to Sustainability

We are passionate about sourcing the most rare and unique stones in the world – but this will never come at the cost of our values. So from guaranteeing the source to ensuring fair pay and conditions throughout the supply chain, we are always looking to improve our processes.

“A fine diamond talks to you – it has a certain life about it.”

Kenneth Blacklock


A diamond is judged by its essential characteristics: cut, colour, clarity and carat. But we believe that it is defined by so much more. It requires a true understanding, or a ‘feel’ for the stone, based on advice passed down from generation to generation. At Blacklock, we strive to find out whether a diamond has ‘life about it’, before unleashing it into the life of its owner.


Coloured gemstones fire the imagination. So we source only the finest stones to inspire our designers to push the boundaries of their next creation. For us, what truly defines a beautiful gemstone is its colour. The depth of a blue Madagascan sapphire from the Bemainty mine is comparable to that of a Kashmir sapphire. It is this sort of deep knowledge and understanding that keeps Blacklock at the forefront of the fine gemstone industry.

Telling the Tale

Understand the Blacklock heritage with diamonds and precious gemstones. Stories that unveil the depth of understanding and love that we hold for the rare and beautiful diamonds and precious gemstones that the earth gives us.

With a Special Kind of Attention

Ethical and Responsible Diamond and Gemstone Mining

We ensure any of our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced. All stones are mined, cut and polished safe in the knowledge that these processes have been undertaken by adults who are working in safe conditions and are receiving the right remuneration whilst limiting the damage to the environment.

Sourcing and Selection

Our philosophy is simple: we seek elegance in unexpected places but we source with integrity and select only the best using a method and understanding passed down from generation to generation.


We have and continue to develop relationships with mines directly, which allows us to guarantee traceability and the ethical nature in which the stones have been mined, cut and polished.

Traceability is something that is changing the fine jewellery industry and centuries old ways of working. We can source specifically upon request.

Wherever possible on this website we have stated where the gemstone or diamond has come from.

Cutting and Polishing

Finding the finest, rarest stones is an intrinsic part of how the business operates however the crafting of a stone from rough is what really reveals its true beauty. The cutting of a stone requires years and years of practice, patience and precision. All Blacklock stones are cut to the highest standards by a master cutter – they bring each stone to life, unlocking its true beauty, time and again. Cut is the one controllable quality that we invest in – it allows our stones to scintillate more than the rest.

Endorsement and Sustainability

Carbon Offsetting

We are very conscious of our carbon footprint as a business, so we regularly purchase carbon credits to offset our emissions. We strive to be carbon neutral.

Blacklock Box for Life

As part of our Journey to Sustainability, we give each of our customers a ‘Blacklock Box for Life’. This beautiful box, made of sustainable materials will treasure your jewellery for a lifetime and beyond.

Hand-Picked Excellence

Each stone featured in a piece of Blacklock Jewellery has been hand-picked for its exceptional quality. Only the finest stones with exceptional cut, colour and clarity characteristics are selected.

Blacklock Bespoke Creations

To explore and define every detail of a piece of fine jewellery is a once in a lifetime experience.
Go on that journey with Blacklock.