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The Company

A passion for creating the finest jewellery

Combining design flair with an obsessive attention to detail has helped Blacklock Jewellery gain an enviable reputation as one of the leading fine jewellers in the UK. At the heart of the Blacklock family business are the fifth and sixth generation – Senior Partner, Ralph Blacklock and Partner, Chris Blacklock. Together they are creating a brand which values its heritage but also embraces the future with a drive to create exquisite fine jewellery that is timeless in its appeal.

The Blacklock story is one of great intrigue, from the ship building entrepreneur, Robert Blacklock, who set up the business, to the much respected Kenneth Ellis Blacklock who helped cement its reputation as the leading county fine jeweller in the North East of England. Each generation and owner has added and built upon the reputation in their own way. In 2015 the Partners still maintain the values of honesty, integrity and fair dealing which have guided the business since 1832, but now a passion for the finest stones and exquisite fine jewellery plays an evermore important role. The understanding that clients are increasingly fascinated by the rare and unique has allowed the Blacklock business to explore the exceptional – with such an enviable network this undertaking is enchanting and often filled with great joy upon the discovery of significant stones.

Operating online with unlimited barriers to sales allied with the ability to service clients personally – the Partners are able to focus solely on quality. Blacklocks create their own fine jewellery which is distinctive in style, bold in design and made from only the finest precious materials.


Blacklock Jewellery does not compromise on quality. We use only the finest materials and intricate detailing to create exceptional fine jewellery.

Every Blacklock piece is conceived and developed by an experienced design and production team where each feature and setting is interrogated to ensure that required superior finish is met.

We believe that style should be classic and understated. From the setting of the small diamonds to the simplicity of our claw settings, every piece is designed to be as elegant as it is scintillating. And because we think that our fine jewellery should speak for itself, you'll find that, unlike most fine jewellery brands, Blacklock branding is very discreet.


Our fine jewellery has been worn by the great and the good over our 175 year history, however we have an appreciation that we are only as good as the last piece we make. This maxim makes sure our standards never slip.

The expertise gained from creating fine jewellery for over 175 years goes into all of our collections, too. The same commitment to design that makes our Bespoke jewellery some of the finest around informs how we approach the design of each collection piece.


Blacklock Jewellery's commitment to quality extends to all aspects of design and production and our unique network of sourcing and our manufacturing partners and workshops have been chosen with the utmost care.

We work closely with some of the most highly skilled craftsmen in the fine jewellery trade and have developed long-standing relationships to ensure that not only is our fine jewellery fabricated in a responsible way but that they also continue to meet and exceed the exacting standards demanded by ourselves. We only work with partners and workshops with a reputation for excellence.

Every item of fine jewellery that we create is designed and created in the UK. We are able to access some of the most technologically advanced machinery and processes in the world, offering superior levels of quality control at every stage of the production process. The ability to be at finger tips length from the production process allows us to provide unrivalled levels of finishing.

We are able to access highly specialist stone dealers that help us source the exceptional and the exquisite. As our Clients become ever more discerning the challenge that we are faced with is to obtain the more remarkable – we delight in exercising the capacity to source such stones.

Whether investing in new technology or trusting age-old craftsmanship, we like to visit all our partners, suppliers and dealers on a regular basis to ensure that we deliver fine jewellery of the very highest quality.

Ethical Sourcing

We source diamonds ethically and that are conflict free by dealing directly with recognised and respected diamond dealers, who guarantee their diamond supply chain.

All of our dealers are required to operate within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This scheme ensures that a written guarantee accompanies every diamond to certify that it is not sourced illegitimately or from an area of conflict.

We are therefore able to confidently guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free and ethically sourced. All diamonds are supplied with a clear conscience.

Ralph and Chris Blacklock

The Partnership

The partnership between Ralph Blacklock and Chris Blacklock is complementary, dynamic and the foundation of the ongoing success of the business. Together they have over 70 years experience within the Fine Jewellery trade.

Ralph Blacklock - Senior Partner, Designer

Ralph Blacklock (FGA) has been in the family business since 1967 and has guided it through some of its biggest changes. From opening multiple retail shops to the use of computer aided design for Bespoke Orders, Ralph has clearly inherited the entrepreneurial gene. He continues to innovate and enjoys creating and selling fine jewellery. His drive to sell the retail shops and take the company online has seen him oversee the biggest change in the history of the business.

The motivation and desire for Ralph Blacklock to continue to create stunning fine jewellery after all this time within the jewellery trade is based upon a delight of creating something beautiful which others treasure. His love and knowledge of diamonds and coloured gemstones is second to none and he is much respected by his peers within the industry. Working with precious materials still fuels his enthusiasm, however his passion to source bigger, more unique stones is helping to drive the business further and build its reputation within this area of expertise. His flair and ability to appreciate how fine jewellery should be fabricated is invaluable when a Bespoke Order is commissioned.

Ralph oversees the sourcing of all stones, design of all fine jewellery and the overall commercial management of the business.

He is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association.

Chris Blacklock - Partner

One of Chris Blacklock's earliest memories is being given a box of gemstones to play with as a child. This fascination of sparkling gemstones stuck with him and after 10 years in the marketing industry he joined his father in the family jewellery business in 2009.

His involvement is driven by the same desire to create exquisite jewellery upon which the Blacklock Jewellery ethos was based. He has helped with the transitioning of the business online, is responsible for all relationships with clients, helps guide the creative development of designs and leads the marketing of the business.

Chris is looking to focus on the promotion of all designed fine jewellery on the site, help build the private client business and extend the ‘Unique Jewels and Bespoke' offering. He is inspired to ensure that everything is underpinned by a quality that has been ever-present from the beginnings back in 1832.

He is a qualified Professional Jeweller.