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We pride ourselves on creating fine jewellery with a timeless elegance. That's why a passion for excellence and fine attention to detail are the tenets of the Blacklock Jewellery Bespoke service.

The Bespoke Experience

True refined luxury

We believe each piece should be as individual as you are. With Blacklock Jewellery Bespoke, you can create, customise and personalise your own fine jewellery.

Whether we're beginning with a piece from our collections, a unique jewel, or your own inspiration, we will marry centuries of established craft and tradition with contemporary innovation to create an original design that is completely unique to you - and the true definition of luxury.

Step 1

Understanding the requirement

We initially sit down with you to discuss your needs, desires and exact requirements. We ensure that every detail counts.

The individuality of each piece of bespoke fine jewellery lies in the tiniest of details: the setting and placement of small diamonds or the shape of the claws, even the profile of the shank. By focusing on each single part which makes your piece unique, we are able to create an even greater whole.

Step 2

Your specification

Creating any bespoke piece of fine jewellery requires great sensitivity and a deep understanding of how it will reflect the personality of the wearer.

We will guide you on design - presenting sketches for your approval, stone options which best fulfil the brief and setting styles to exhibit the stone to its greatest effect. We allow you to define your own specification in as much detail as you want. Whether it be sapphire earrings or high jewellery necklet, we approach every commission with the same rigour and attention to detail. At each stage, we have a number of well-established processes guaranteed to ensure a stunning end result every time – a unique piece of your very own imagining which will be treasured for a lifetime.

Step 3

The Crafting

Only the finest working jewellers can turn vision into reality.

Our craftsmen follow our designs rigorously whilst working with the most precious materials. A fine balance between function and beauty is struck.

We work exclusively with the finest precious metals and stones – each one sourced and verified. The process of crafting these materials into the finest jewellery – where the finest craftsmen come together at key moments, each to play their individual role - is something we pride ourselves on, and a process carefully overseen by the Blacklock Partners.

Step 4

The Finishing

At the heart of the creation of a piece of Blacklock fine jewellery is hand finishing - the craft of which is essential to allow the true character and beauty of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones to shine through. Our craftsmen ensure that absolute precision is achieved through polishing and refining over and over again.

Once the finished work is inspected and approved, we add the coveted 'RB' marque - and the piece is yours to wear and love.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Creating your own bespoke engagement ring is an unforgettable experience evoking deep and long-lasting emotions. Knowing which diamonds best suits your loved one is a fine art. Whether you're looking for an emerald cut - ideal for long, elegant fingers, allowing the wearer to see deep into the heart of the diamond, or a round brilliant cut that sparkles at every turn – we'll present you with a range of stones and designs, each one offering a glimpse of the eternal.

Arrange an Appointment

Guided by experts

Once an appointment is made Partners Ralph Blacklock and Chris Blacklock will help and guide you to clarify exactly what is required, presenting options and styles along the way. At the appointment we will discuss the choice of precious metals, stones and initial thoughts about settings. We like to fully understand you and the various nuances around your order so that we can best fulfil it.

You take an active part in the creation of the bespoke fine jewellery, from approval of the design sketches to viewing and confirmation of the stones. We make sure that you experience true luxury at first hand.


Chris Blacklock will guide you with your enquiry

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Ralph Blacklock will assist you with your enquiry

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Recent Commissions

Emerald Swirl Cluster

Platinum swirl cluster ring with twisted claws featuring a very fine round brilliant cut Colombian emerald, surrounded by the whitest of small diamonds.


A special engagement commission. Our client's partner had recently inherited a diamond cluster ring that was too damaged to wear but wanted it very closely replicated for her engagement ring. This coupled with her real passion for modern style and a great affinity with emeralds created a clear requirement for us - a contemporary take on the classical diamond cluster ring featuring a fine emerald. After having sourced and presented several emeralds, a stunning round Colombian emerald with an even distribution of colour was chosen. Once the stone was approved we developed a cluster design that whilst appreciating the classical elements, depicted this in a slightly different manner. We decided that digressing from the classic design would not be appropriate, yet there was scope to explore how the stones could be set. By twisting the claws but keeping the original balance and symmetry, the result was an elegant, contemporary and sophisticated cluster engagement ring. We expect this ring to last for a lifetime and beyond. Commissioned in 2015, this took five weeks from start to finish.

Faerie Pendant

A fantastical 0.50cts fancy pink diamond faerie pendant. Detailing and setting all in 18ct white gold and rose gold inlay.


We were approached and asked to create a faerie pendant for a private commission. Inspired by various supernatural faeries featured in classical literature and paintings - we decided on a clean, lucid interpretation and our client was delighted by the end result - an oval shaped pink diamond head leading to a wing of detailed white gold with a rose gold inlay culminating in an enchanting faerie. Commissioned in 2007, this took six weeks from confirmation of design to the finished item.

Mint Green Earrings

Refreshingly beautiful – 18ct white gold and mint green sapphire and diamond studs.


Our client asked us to create a pair of bridal earrings to be presented to his future wife on their wedding day. The brief was to match a beautiful green sapphire and diamond ring which we had designed previously as an engagement ring. These stunning contemporary yet classical sapphire studs were created featuring cushioned cut mint green Sri Lankan sapphires as the centre piece. The beauty of the design lies in the balance between modernity and classicism, however, the defining characteristic of these earrings are the matching and exceedingly rare fine green sapphires. Commissioned in 2015, this took six weeks from start to finish.

Peacock Pendant

A beautifully crafted motif peacock in 18ct yellow gold set with 3 round brilliant cut rub-over diamonds in18ct white gold circular surround. Featuring two 0.10cts fancy pink and blue round brilliant cut diamonds and one 0.10cts white round brilliant cut diamond.


Our client had been travelling around India when he met his future wife. They fell in love whilst walking through verdant tropical fields. One of their greatest memories of that time was of the many beautiful peacocks on display. To mark their tenth wedding anniversary we were commissioned to create a simple pendant reminding them of this significant moment and also to celebrate their three wonderful children. The pendant depicts a peacock in a round motif in white and yellow gold with three rub-over pink, blue and white round brilliant cut diamonds representing each child. Commissioned in 2010, this took five weeks from start to finish.

Viper Earrings

Tantalising and hauntingly romantic. Two 0.85cts champagne diamonds feature within white gold diamond encrusted talons.


Our client approached us having acquired some exceptional marquise and pear shaped diamonds in an inheritance. The brief was to craft a unique piece of 'statement jewellery' to be worn on special occasions and also to bring together both types of diamond in the same design. This was quite a challenge due to the unusual cuts of diamond inherited and required significant design time. The resultant earrings feature marquise drops flowing into white gold diamond encrusted talons with beautiful champagne pear shaped diamonds set between them. Commissioned in 2015, this took seven weeks from design approval to the finished item.

Imperial Burmese ruby ring

Regal and beautiful. A stunning blood red cushion shaped Burmese ruby on a platinum band with diamonds in the shoulders


Our Client wanted to create a family heirloom at the same time as giving his wife a ruby ring to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary. We went away and sourced a stunning 2 carat oval shaped pigeon blood red ruby from Burma. Once the stone was agreed we moved on to the design to create a vintage hand made mount where the ruby sat proudly surrounded by the whitest of diamonds set into channels of 18 carat white gold gold. The finished result was an exceptional ruby ring which will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. Commssioned in 2012 - the commission took 8 weeks from start to finish.