The Craft & Design

What defines an exceptional piece of jewellery from simply a lovely one, is how it has been crafted. All of our fine jewellery is made in London and adheres to the exceptional standards of British craftsmanship.

Honed by Generations

Pioneers of the Craft

In the late 1890’s, Robert Hodgson Blacklock patented a unique bracelet for the fob watch. This was a move that placed him at the forefront of the craft. This philosophy of pushing boundaries and pioneering the craft of fine jewellery has stuck with us to this very day – it underpins every piece that we make. A design can look good on paper, the stones can be exceptional on their own, but the craft is what brings it all together seamlessly. The rub-over setting from the Neo collection embodies our pioneering philosophy in action.

The Finest Jewellery Craftsmen

We work with only a handful of fine jewellery craftsmen, who appreciate how to turn a vision into reality. Our craftsmen allow the stones to take centre stage, bringing the designs to life by understanding the complexity of what is being asked. The choice of setting and the innovation in their approach, ensures that only the finest jewellery is created. When this alchemy of exceptional craftsmanship comes together, true beauty is achieved.

We Design Jewellery as Individual as You Are

Whether you’re selecting a collection piece that speaks to your personality, or designing a Blacklock Bespoke creation, you will always walk away with a piece that is elegant, unique and ‘full of life’. The inspiration behind our fine jewellery takes many forms, from the angle that provides the optimum brilliance from a diamond to literary characters.

Devil is in the Detail

Our designers are interested in the small details which allow the jewel to be displayed that much better. Whether it is the setting of a saphhire baguette to capture a favourite colour or the simplicity of a hidden inscription, these small details are what make the piece an original.

It is then over to our craftsmen to hand finish each piece of jewellery, allowing the true character of the materials to shine through. Absolute precision is achieved through polishing and refining over and over again. Only once inspected and approved will we add the ‘RB’ marque.

Our Approach

A Lifetime and Beyond

What begins as a piece of jewellery, soon becomes a piece of family history. Knowing that it will be passed down for generations to come means we treasure it as much as you do. And that’s why we will always clean any Blacklock jewel free of charge, for life.

Round cut gem stone

Infinite Elegance

Beauty is individual, elegance is infinite. All Blacklock designs are a celebration of uniqueness – through colour, shape and style. They exude elegance in a myriad of ways but encapsulate you.

Hand-Picked Excellence

Each stone featured in a piece of Blacklock Jewellery has been hand-picked for its exceptional quality. Only the finest stones with exceptional cut, colour and clarity characteristics are selected.

“Blacklock jewellery sets itself apart by ensuring its craft is mastered. Details matter to us – we will not be happy until our Clients are wowed by the finished jewel, which has been considered and refined. It has to delight.”

Chris Blacklock F.G.A

Exceptional Craft

Infinity (2005)

Inferno (2016)

Evermore (2010)

Pioneers of Elegance since 1832

Founded in 1832 in the midst of the shipbuilding boom, Blacklock Jewellery soon became the leading Diamond Merchant and ‘county’ jeweller for the North East of England. Pioneers in fine jewellery.

Blacklock Bespoke Creations

To explore and define every detail of a piece of fine jewellery is a once in a lifetime experience.
Go on that journey with Blacklock.