Your Story, Set in Stone

Everyone has a story to tell; enriched with people, places and emotions. At Blacklock, we celebrate your story like we do every gemstone and diamond. Each one with its own story of origin. A journey from the earth to live an enchanted life and beyond. Our fine jewellery embodies these different facets of life, in all their glory.

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Celebration Jewellery

For those moments in life that are carved into the mind and heart, to become memories. Explore our Celebration Jewellery and capture those moments.

Bridal Jewellery

For every great love story, there’s a piece of fine jewellery. Find the piece you’ve been looking for in our collection of timeless diamonds.

Wedding Jewellery

More than a day of celebration, but the start of forever. Commemorate it with beautiful jewellery befitting of a monumental moment.

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Sustainably Sourced Diamonds & Gemstones

A timeless diamond or bright and bold precious gemstone take thousands of years to form. We feel it is our duty to try to protect the earth and the beautiful gifts it gives us. All of our diamonds and gemstones are sustainably sourced.

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