Blacklock Jewellery

Meet the Family

A passion for creating jewellery of substance

Combining design flair with individual attention, everything Blacklock Jewellery does is marked with a personal touch. At the heart of the Blacklock family business are Ralph Blacklock and Chris Blacklock. Together they are working to continue the heritage of exquisite jewellery with all the individual integrity you'd expect from a family firm. The Blacklock family are joined by an evolving cast of talented and sought-after designers, our two current guest award winning designers are Sophia Chalklen and Laura Strand.

Ralph Blacklock

Ralph Blacklock

Partner, Designer

The motivation and desire for Ralph Blacklock to still create stunning jewellery after 40 years within the jewellery trade is based upon an enjoyment of the process of creating something beautiful that other people enjoy. His love of diamonds, gemstones, precious metals and working with these special materials still fuels his enthusiasm. His ability to appreciate how jewellery should be constructed is invaluable when designing bespoke pieces. Ralph oversees the design side of the business and the overall commercial management.

Chris Blacklock

Chris Blacklock


Chris Blacklock's involvement is driven by the same desire to create beautiful jewellery upon which the Blacklock Jewellery ethos was based. He has extended the scope of the business by bringing Blacklock Jewellery's offerings online, including loose diamond purchasing and showcase pieces designed by Ralph Blacklock and specially invited designers. Chris is inspired to ensure that everything is underpinned by a quality that has been ever-present from the start of the business back in 1832.

The team:

Rachel Anthony
Rachel Anthony, Stylist
Sophia Chalklen
Sophia Chalklen, Designer