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We have carefully pulled together important sources of information that will help you to understand more about diamonds; how they are sourced and the responsibilities of everyone in the supply chain.

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Diamond Facts

Most people are unaware of the role diamonds play in bringing real benefits to people and societies of the countries around the world where diamonds are sourced. Nowhere is this more evident than in Africa. It is also in Africa that diamonds have been used to fund conflict.

In 2000, a coalition of governments, non-governmental organisations and the diamond industry worked together to address this issue. In 2002, they established the Kimberley Process Certification System, a UN-backed process that has virtually eliminated the trade in conflict diamonds. Today, over 99% of the world's supply of diamonds are from sources free of conflict. is dedicated to presenting the facts about conflict diamonds, along with how diamonds are driving economic growth and prosperity in countries around the world.

Responsible Jewellery Council

The Responsible Jewellery Council has been created to help jewellery companies to become more responsible and aware of their actions within the diamond supply chain. It maintains the following mission

‘To advance responsible ethical, social and environmental practices, which respect human rights, throughout the diamond and gold jewellery supply chain, from mine to retail.’

We are committed to the cause and are exploring various ways in which we can become more responsible

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