9 Tips When Looking for a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Don’t know where to start? We have some ideas to help you on your way.


Understand the Style You Are After

Organic – the dreamy imperfections of nature – natural finishes with precious stones.

Geometric – contemporary, fresh aesthetic that is inspired by clean lines – clean, sharp finishes with diamonds.

Minimalist – sleek, modern minimalism for understated significance – less is more, simple finishes with bold stones.


An ‘Antique’ Engagement Ring Can be Problematic

Antique engagement rings have character but can often be damaged with poor setting, old cut stones and chipped metal. By exploring vintage designs and then amalgamating a few styles you love, you can create your very own vintage engagement ring from scratch without the worry of old damage.


Sapphire & Ruby Are Great Alternatives to Diamond

We are diamond experts but Chris Blacklock is also a gemologist who has a great appreciation of fine sapphires and rubies. Sapphire or ruby is an ideal candidate for an engagement ring as they are hard, durable and beautiful. Sapphire can be found in a rainbow of intense hues that sparkle beautifully so the choice is not limited. Ruby comes in all manners of red from the darker red Thai rubies to the bright intense Mogok rubies. Both work beautifully as engagement rings.


There Are No Rules When it Comes to Engagement Rings – Many Combinations Work

With the trilogy setting being symbolic of the past, the present and the future they are strongly sentimental and have gained greatly in popularity recently due to royal endorsement. Finding your own story by mixing sapphires and diamonds in a trilogy setting style could be a true delight – a beautiful sapphire centre and diamond side stones always works. There are no rules but be aware of the hardness of the stone – anything below 7 on mohs scale will scratch a lot easier than diamond.


Think Beyond the Traditional

We love it when someone wants to move away from tradition and create something totally unique. It presents a raft of opportunity to play with; colour, stone, setting and style. Allow your imagination to create a truly unique engagement ring that captures your own free-spirited nature. We recently created a Morganite and diamond engagement ring – the soft pink colour of the Morganite, the white of the diamonds and 18ct rose gold setting all worked beautifully together.


Matching The Precious Metal to Skin Colour Can Have a Great Impact

The metal colour you choose can massively enhance the look of your ring. Rose gold engagement rings are a great choice for a contemporary, feminine look and also darker skin types. Yellow gold engagement rings are traditional, and can look striking with minimal designs or bright, bold coloured gemstones and again suit darker skin types. Platinum engagement rings are the most durable and can work with a variety of stones – both platinum and white gold are a fantastic choice for classic designs, and work well to brighten diamonds.


Different Finger Types Are Better Suited to Certain Shapes of Diamond

A long slender finger type suits an elegant Emerald Cut whereas a shorter, smaller finger would suit any of the Brilliant Cuts – round, pear and oval. So understand your finger type and match it to the suitable diamond shape before committing.


Keep an Open Mind

More often than not you will have a very particular idea in mind. It is best that the process is entered into with an open mind as without exception the end product is always better than the initial idea. Our expert design and craftsmen get to understand your brief and then explore options that suit you alone.

We just let them get on with it and allow the alchemy work. Simply trust in our expertise.


Trends Come and Go

An ‘on trend’ engagement ring can have an appeal that can fade whereas a classic – something simple, elegant and precise is timeless. We would always recommend trying to see beyond trends as you or your partner will be wearing this for the rest of your life and will probably hand it down to the next generation.

Our expertise is ensuring a timeless piece is created – guiding you to choose a style of engagement ring that suits you, using the finest materials and the best British manufacturing ideals. We relish in the small details which are added that elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Create your own forever ring with our bespoke engagement design service to create something unique, enchanting and beautiful.

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